Thursday, January 15, 2009 ~ origins

Who is your daddy and what does he do ?

About us: I'm going to use this group to answer a lot of frequently asked questions. I'm gonna' keep it real simple (for you American Idol fans). First off, GueRRilla is actually spelled correctly (contrary to many of the junior high graduates who have challenged it !) Guerrilla Radio is a term that many people know only from the intense Rage Against The Machine song of the same name. However, contrary to some common misunderstanding, Guerrilla Radio is a concept that goes back to the invention of radio. It was only natural that upon the birth of radio (extensively in the 1920's and 30's), guerrilla fighters across the globe saw the incredible power within radio as a means to communicate long distances with likeminded fighters. This new ability quickly became a thorn in the side of any Guerrilla opponent, as the communication provided by radio served to "even up the sides" that had been heavily tilted toward the non-Guerrilla. Again, to correct some common misconceptions, the idea that so-called Guerrillas are more often than not the bad guys in any conflict, this notion is absolutely incorrect. The best example of this is the American Revolution (yes, I understand there was no radio in 1776, smartass). The Americans absolutely were Guerrilla fighters long before there were terrorists in Iraq turning the Bush Mission Accomplished into a boondoggle (i.e. F*ck-up). Guerrillas and their underground radio played a positive role in many South American conflicts, no matter which side of the CHE debate you choose to take (Despite the movie he was a murdering bastard - not just my opinion).
But the most pronounced example of "righteous" Guerrilla Radio came during WWII when the Philippine resistance to Imperial Japan used radio to remedy an overwhelming disadvantage in firepower and numbers. The Filipino Guerrillas really put Guerrilla Radio on the map, using its organizing abilities to save many lives and stand up to countless atrocities.
But all this is ancient history you say ?! Well that may be so, but it is a significant history, and one of the most noble chapters in the history of radio. Obviously, when the web address for became available to me less than a year ago, I jumped at the chance to own it and bring it back to life. I had been actively planning and building an internet radio site since 2005, but I was suprised when the site name became available (at a price). In my own biased opinion, there is no more powerful or valuable name in all of internet radio (the only 3 exceptions being, and The purchase price for right now (to give you some perspective) is well over $1,000,000.00, and possibly as much as 3-5 mil. Trust me when I say I paid substantially lower (think a few Benjamins, not Gold Bricks). Still, I count myself incredibly lucky to have landed the name when I did. The fact of the matter is that the web address had been basically silent (un-used) and gathering dust since the internet's worldwide explosion in the early 1990's. And although we were clearly not the first owners of the name, we are absolutely the first and only internet radio station to broadcast at the address. Hence the tag line (and our claim to fame), the ORIGINAL .
As far as the music goes, this is where it gets interesting. It is my personal promise that you will never hear a playlist/rotation like ours anywhere in the world. Without giving away the recipe, I can tell you that we are anchored rather permanently in Heavy Rock. But aside from that, there are no rules. To give you an example, we play TOOL and RAGE back to back with the MISFITS, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES and RAMONES. We're likely to follow all that with HENDRIX, or the BOSSTONES, ALICE in CHAINS, SYSTEM of a DOWN, GODSMACK, RHCP, SABBATH, etc. That's likely to get mixed up with the EASY STARS reggae cover of FLOYD's Dark Side, not to mention 15-20 different versions of Whole Lotta' Love ranging from the DREAD ZEPPELIN dub version, to a live take by Susan Tedeshi and Dereck Trucks. Wash it all down with 311 and Queen. To say the least, we are unconventional. Hence the promise: you've never heard a rotation like this. By now you may be asking "Why?" Good point. Answer: because we can, and because nobody else will. Also: because it works. The beauty of the internet is the freedom. It is essentially the Wild West. We are here to find the gold !
Re: ~ Upon further inspection, you may notice the tandem site within a site we call ( First off, chill with your "bandwagon jumper" criticisms about our decision to "cash in" on the hottest trend in sports, that being Mixed Martial Arts. The fact is that we have been following the sport intensely for at least 3 months ; ) and we are quite expert in spotting a "Gogoplata" and a "Peruvian Necktie" when we see them. Actually I've been personally obsessed with MMA and the UFC since early 2002. Only recently have I decided to put my money where my mouth is. I am currently a novice training in Krav-Maga. Essentially, it is an Israeli self-defense system reknown throughout the world. For newbies it amounts to 90 minutes a day, 3 days a week doing "bootcamp" style cardio and self-defense. It is an absolute bitch, but I'm in love.
I will resist the temptation to create a separate group for now, but lookout for it down the road if you have the same obsession. For now, this is this, and that's that. And if you actually read this diatribe all the way through, you have entirely too much time on your hands! Good for you ! You are exactly our target audience. I will close by simply saying thanks for joining my group. Please do me one more favor, and have a quick listen to . The mini-player allows you to surf your brains out without losing the music. AND finally...... the online store will be a go today or tomorrow. Some nice long sleeve T-s for this 5 degree windchill bullsh*t ! ~
All the best my fellow crack addicts. W!SE