Saturday, September 6, 2008 -- Newsletter #4 -- 9.06.08        --    NEWSLETTER #4      --  9.06.08

Just a quick one this time. Heads up for the next major MMA event: UFC 88 is tonight and it should be a great one. A good card top to bottom, with at least 3 premier level fights featuring names like Liddell, Franklin and Henderson. Visit our MMA page for links to info on all  the top tier fighters-- with particular emphasis on 88’s combatants. Also highlighted is the recent news of Randy Couture’s long-awaited return to the Octagon against Brock Lesnar.

In the world of music, heads up for the return from Metallica, as their new album drops like an anvil (hopefully a heavy one!). GueRRilla continues to be swamped with submissions for airplay from underground and breaking bands worldwide. Recent standouts include Driving James, Marshall Price Docksud, Vallenbrosa, Dressed in Black and Blue, John Neilson, Bloodpunch, Code Rouge,  and Lawless INC.  We’re still getting raves from listeners from previous submissions from Day 13, Nale, Mike Borgia, Gloomball and Jaw. We want to thank all the musicians for their genuine interest and support, as well as our audience for their opinions and requests.

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